Dr. Sonia C Simoes and Dr. Dipal R Patel are a nephrology and internal medicine based practice with two convenient locations in the Ironbound of Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey.  Our goal is to provide quality specialized care and guidance.  Our practice focuses on diagnosing and treating a myriad of kidney diseases while emphasizing chronic kidney disease care.

  • When should you see a nephrologist?

Your primary care physician may refer you to our practice for treatment.  If you do not have a primary care physician, you should consider contacting our office if you experience signs and/or symptoms that could be related to kidney disease, such as swelling in the legs, recurrent kidney stones or electrolyte problems.  If you are on dialysis or near dialysis and want to be considered for a kidney transplant, early referral is essential to avoid unwanted delays.

  • Why choose our practice?

We diagnose the problem, educate the patient and help to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to help slow the progression of kidney failure.  If the disease has progressed to end stage, then we encourage therapies which parallel your lifestyle prior to illness.  And most importantly, we provide expert care in Spanish, Portuguese, and Gujarati.

Our special interests include using immunosuppressive, steroid-sparing regimens to manage autoimmune diseases targeting the kidneys, nephrolithiasis, difficult to treat hypertension and expert point of care for uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.  We offer expertise in home modalities for end stage renal disease including home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.  We are double board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology and Hypertension.  We are involved in transplant nephrology and patient education.

To arrange a consultation or learn if our practice is right for you, please call (973) 755-1585 or email us at simoespatel@gmail.com.